Help keep Aruba clean and adopt a Trash Can in Aruba.

Adopt a Trash Can in Aruba

Project description:
Placement of trash cans on areas frequented by pedestrians and tourists with the
aim on reducing the amount of litter on the roadside and beaches, while protecting
and improving the environmental quality on Aruba

With your help and generosity Aruba will become healthier, cleaner and an even happier place.

For a monthly fee, Clean Master installs a trash can, wherever you wish. For example: tourist spots, the beach, downtown or in front of your company, etc.

Clean Master will a apply a vinyl sticker on one side of the trash can.
This sticker is 12 * 16 inch / 30 * 35 cm and can contain:
- Your company logo
- Aruba Picture
- Your Picture
- An additional description
- Art design
- Any product or message you would like to promote

Your adopted trash can will be picked up and cleaned everyday with no exceptions, even on Sunday or Public Holidays.

Due to this daily clean up routine, each and every trash can is carefully inspected. Should there be any damage, caused either to your advertisement or the trash can, prompt changes will be made without extra expenses.

For more info click here or call us at +297-583 8383